About us

With 10 years experience in the tourism industry have worked with executive positions and guides lead the delegation to visit from North to South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, we understand what customers need and want nothing to build customers build a program matching your buget to discover unforgettable places as to the region and different cities. with the services provided to our customers are always the product had the experience and thorough survey on the services that customers will use.

When customers are satisfied with the service to each customer places more excited with where their arrival, more friendly with the people here and would like to discover more about the customs, traditions and fun further to your clients want to try food at least once when visiting each country and that is our target those working in the tourism industry wants to leave in the tourists 2 digits “Excellence”

Our services:

Group tours: join with our group tours share experience unique destinations and activities renowned service and value.

Customised tours: Please tell us about your budget and style we build a perfect holiday

Accommodations:we can offer some competitive rates in the each country

Transportations: any where you go we can provide convenient transfer services.

Visa: Visa arrival, visa extension

Tickets:Train ticket and International , domestic ticket connect with many countries in the world

Contact: info@asiafocustravel.com